Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Dangers of Credit Cards

year and a half ago I was well on my way to obtaining a very nice credit score. I was doing so by managing several credit cards. Then I got a divorce. I put the lawyers fees on one of my credit cards, and the interest started eating me alive. I finally got it paid off after my current wife and I got our tax return in. Then we put a sectional soda on that card. And the interest started again. As time went by, we relied on our credit cards as a crutch when things were tight. Now it seems like all I ever see is credit card bills. I used the Walmart card to our gas in the van, and in my mom's car. The interest pulled up fast. Its so easy to do and you don't think about it when you're doing it. Please be careful. Debt is very real and it happens when you're not paying attention. And it can become depressing and cause tension. I'm begging everyone to be careful and don't let this happen to you. Credit cards are not a crutch. They are very dangerous.

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